The Night Before Christmas

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Santa Claus is a very popular figure around the world, and he is said to travel in various ways. But from the Northern world comes his “vehicle of choice”: the reindeer pulled sledge. Reindeer are common animals in countries as Finland or Sweden, so it is no wonder they are use by someone who presumably lives at the North Pole. What is amazing is how Santa Claus manages to go around the world in just one night and leave gifts for all children. The Christian feast celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ two millenniums ago has become a world-wide phenomena, with local traditions in all corners of our planet. In Spain, the Christmas Night (Nochebuena) is celebrated with almond cake. The scene of the Nativity is represented by figurines in South America and in other Latin countries. Found in almost every home, these figurines are called presepio. In Mexico people reenact the story of Joseph and Mary traveling from house to house to find a shelter. The Nativity scene is of course a key element in the processions taking place in the Israeli-an city of Bethlehem. In Orthodox countries such as Greece, Russia and Romania, St Nicholas, the saint revered for his generosity is the person who inspired the legend of Santa Claus. Children go from house to house singing carols about the birth of Christ, for which they receive sweets and fruits. In Russia, Babushka is a character that brings gifts to children. Christmas is even celebrated in exotic countries as Australia or China, and in tropical countries fir is replaced by palm or banana trees.

The images bellow were taken at a party organized by www.craciun-fericit.ro for IP Devel. More images in the same location you can find here and here.

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