The fans of Atletico de Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao conquered Bucharest for Europa League Final

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

For one day Bucharest was dressed in red and white as tens of thousands of fans of the two Spanish teams “invaded” the city for the Europa League Final. The locals were more than happy to welcome the massive group of tourists of similar Latin descent, who overcrowded the pubs and narrow streets of the old city center.
The two teams share not only almost identical equipment but also a common past, as the team from Madrid was created by a group of Basque supporters who moved to the capital, a century ago. On their side, the fans of Athletic Bilbao still proudly display the green white and red flag of this ancient region. The Basque Country is the region in the Pyrenees mountains, in Spain and France, inhabited by a people that is as old as Europe. The Basque identity has been preserved with accuracy and is even transmitted to the football team, which usually employs only local players.
The ones who triumphed in the final game were the players of Atletico de Madrid, who won the game with 3-0, taking home the second trophy awarded by UEFA, after the more desired Champions League.
In Bucharest, the fans of both teams were very friendly, cheerful and peaceful, creating virtually no incident during their stay. The city took special preparations for the most important sportive event since the 1989 Revolution. Two main square of the city were appointed for each group of supporters. The Basques were stationed in front of The House of The People, the largest building in Europe, while the fans of Madrid were gathered in the George Enescu plaza, near Romanian Atheneum. On each they had plenty of beer and snacks to enjoy the concerts that included Romanian folkloric music and dance music with Andreea Banica.
The main event took place in the evening, on Bucharest National Arena, where 55.000 fans and spectators created their own show. The choreography of Atletico de Madrid fans was especially impressive, with club’s flag together with Spain’s flag, covering the two floors of the stadium, announcing the future winners.

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