Bar, resort at the Adriatic See

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Bar is one of Montenegro’s southernmost resorts on the coast of Adriatic See. Down the road there is only other major city – Ulcinj – before the Albanian border. Across the see, there is the more famous town of Bari, Italy, that’s why Italians call their Montenegrin counterpart Antibari or Antivari.
Bar is a developing town, with a harbor used also by the army and with some large commercial centers, for tourists and locals. The beaches and other entertainment facilities fade in comparison with the neighbor city of Budva, which also has a better preserved historic center. There are about 20 beaches in and around Bar, most of them with rocks. The beach in Sutomore is the largest and with the most generous sand surface available.

There are some churches and mosques you can see in Bar, with the majority of the population being Muslim. The main asset of Bar is the old medieval city – Stari Bar, which includes an old fortress and an aqueduct. The narrow streets of the old city climb a steep path on the Roumija mountain overlooking the see.

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