The islands in the Kotor Bay

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The bay of Kotor, which is included on the UNESCO heritage list of natural and cultural monuments is one of the most popular relaxation resorts in Montenegro. It can be reached by boat from the Adriatic or by car, on the national road that links Montenegro to Croatia. In fact Herceg Novi is the last major town in Montenegro before the border. In about one hour of driving you can get from the bay to Herceg Novi and than reach the Croatian city Cavtat through the European Road 65.
Both Herceg Novi in Montenegro and Cavtat in Croatia resemble a lot, are old cities with historic artifacts and very modern harbors for yachts. In Herceg Novi one should not miss the old town, with its monumental churches and plazas with coffee shops, even though you will have to climb some stairs to get to that center of relaxation with panoramic view over the Adriatic.
You can take different routes to go around the gulf of Kotor, either at almost see level, where most of the hotels and monuments are, or a higher route on the surrounding mountain, a road which offers better views.
The interesting feature of Kotor Bay are the two islands with churches built on them. One is a natural island, St George, and smaller in size. It has a very old church, with elements from the 9th century, built by the Benedictine monks. The island was also used as a cemetery for a while.
The other one is an artificial island built with rock on a pier that looks like a carrier ship, named Our Lady of The Rock, with a blue dome church.
The artificial island was made using sunken ships and rocks and the church on top of it is dedicated to the Assumption of our Virgin Lady. In the altar, the icon of Our Lady of the Rock can be seen.

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