Contemporary Art Museum in a Baroque Palace in Timisoara

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

In Timișoara, the most Western city of Romania, contemporary art lives along with the atmosphere of a XVIII building. The most valuable exhibits are part of the painting collection by Corneliu Baba, which you can admire, but not take pictures of.

The source of inspiration for this building’s architecture is the Kinsky Palace in Vienna. In the XIX century, the palace acquires a more austere look, due to the interventions by architect Jacques Klein. The Art Museum is housed by this palace since 1987, due to a relocation of Banat Region Museum.

Besides the art collection, in the museum one can also see: a collection of old crafted object from Banat region, decorative art, works from the fruitful period between the two world wars, such as ceramics and Biedermeier furniture.

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