Tineretului Park, the widest green area in the Southern part of Bucharest

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Tineretului Park (The Park of the Youth) has 80 hectares of green land and lake which makes it the second park in Bucharest after Herastrau, which is in the North part of the city. It is not as elegant and as shadowy park as the Cismigiu Gardens, being a younger park, with some trees newly planted. But it has an enormous lake suited for boat riding. In its southern part there is the larges indoor sport hall, Sala Polivalenta (recently named Ioan Kunst Ghermanescu).
In the area near the Constantin Brancoveanu subway station there is also a children theme park, which expects its modernization. A large bridge connects the entrance from Gheorghe Sincai Hischool (Tineretului subway station) to Polivalenta Hall, crossing over the lake.
Another entrance, from Tineretului Boulevard, is connected to the Palace of Children, a place where theatric and after-school activities are held and where exists a new park named also Children Park.
The entrance from Serban Voda Boulevard is near the monumental Bellu cemetery, where most important cultural personalities rest and near the Heres Cemetery and Heroes Church, dedicated to those who died in the anticommunist revolution of 1989.
Vacaresti / Tineretului Swimming park is also a distinct area of the park. During the winter, a slope is created here using artificial snow machines.

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