Samba dancers parade

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

For one evening, Bucharest borrowed something from the exuberance of Rio de Janeiro, as 250 dancers from different schools paraded from Unirea Square to Constitution Square. The parade ended the four days of street theater festival, during which groups from seven countries entertained the passers-by with fanfare music, tricks, puppets on stilts and concerts.

In the dancing schools that took part at the parade, various dancing styles are exercised: salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha, mambo, paso doble or tango. For some there are also specific costumes, like the flamenco dresses worn for Spanish dances. Other teenagers prefer more modern street dances, suited for the hits of the day, for which there is no need of special costumes.

A group of boys exhibited the Brazilian dance Capoeira, which combines martial art moves with dance, without actual contact between participants, that seem to be fighting. The sound of drums also helped the bystanders get into the rhythm of Latin dances. The organizer of this event was Wilmark, a TV celebrity of Cuban origin, that found fame in Romania.

But those who stole the show were the Samba dancers, dressed in sexy costumes with feathers in different colors. The ladies were just as admired as the dances they did, while whistles and drums created a carnival like atmosphere. After the parade, the people gathered to watch fireworks synchronized to music.

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