Malaga, the birthplace of Picasso

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Malaga is the largest town on Costa del Sol, with a major harbor around which the pulses the life of the city. If you are looking for traditional dwellings, this is not the best place in the region, as it has a lot of modern neighborhoods and landmark constructions like the stadium of local football team or the corrida arena. However, Malaga still preserves an old city center, dominated by one of the largest cathedrals in the world.
In the last century, Malaga has become famous as the place where Pablo Picasso was born, so here you can visit his birth house and the Picasso Museum, in which there are a lot of his paintings. It is forbidden to take pictures with Picasso’s paintings.
The cathedral of Malaga is a mixture of styles, from Gothic, recognizable on the beautiful facade with pointed arches and rose like windows, to Renaissance, to Baroque, especially in the interior decorations, added in the two hundred years it took for the building to complete. The Mudejar, the style developed after Reconquista, by mixing Islamic and Christian art, is also present in the high bell tower, that resembles the former minaret next to Seville’s cathedral, which, accidentally, is the only religious building in southern Spain higher than this one.
Inside there are numerous statues, including an impressive version of Michelangelo’s Pieta. The works for cathedral started in 1528, and in 1793 it suffered a major reconstruction, conducted by architect Martin de Aldehuela, who also did Puente Nuevo, the elegant bridge of Ronda.

Pablo Picasso lived for almost a century (1881-1973) and was one of the most inventive painters, contributing to innovative styles like Cubism and Surrealism, with famous paintings like Guernica, The King of the Minotaurus as well as various deconstructed portraits and nudes.

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