Marbella, a walk into the old city and on the beach

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Marbella is a top destination of Costa del Sol, a Spanish riviera famous for its beaches and residential areas. Celebrities, from Antonio Banderas to Sean Connery, and millionaires enjoy the large villas hidden behind stone walls and shadowed by palm trees. The and architecture around makes you think of the well to do regions of Mexico, while the luxury of some residential areas is at par with those in California or Florida.
The attraction this region had on royal heads, like the king of Saudi Arabia and his entourage, for successful businessmen and celebrities was a double edge sword. It brought massive investments and waves of Western tourists, along with crooks and criminals of all scale. The British ironically labeled it Costa del Crime, and indeed three consecutive mayors of Marbella were arrested for corruption. This included the flamboyant president of Atletico Madrid, Jesus Gil y Gil, who used public money to help his club.
The center of Marbella has a seafront promenade with palm trees and a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean See, a well preserved historic center, with narrow streets packed with Andalusian architecture and with terraces where you can taste local seafood and shops with flamenco costumes and souvenirs.

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