House of Art casual wear collection for teenagers

The Health and Beauty Expo in Bucharest included some short presentations, workshops on body care or business, demonstrations of martial arts, oriental dance, fitness, make-up, massage and others. Among these events, that accompanied the actual exhibition for specialists in personal care and medicine, there was a presentation of casual creations by House of Art for […]

Children costumes parade at Health & Beauty Expo

A fashion parade for children looks completely different than an adult one. It includes costumes inspired by fairytales or even cartoons and movies. This way you may encounter a princess, Peter Pan, Spiderman, a clown or even an alien. The presentation was held during the Health and Beauty Expo in Bucharest. The fair is a […]

Bridal wedding dresses at an exhibition

The exhibition was held in front of the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, which is a 3 times world record building (as the largest civil building in the world, the heaviest and the most expensive building ever made). The organizers felt that wedding dresses are also made to impress, so they created the wedding dress […]

Romanian Folk Dances: Călușarii

At origin, this dance was a pre-Christian ritual, which was perfected with time to have more and more spectacular choreographic moves. The name Calusarii is a bit mysterious. It may come from the word horse (cal), from the rhythmic movements and jumps of the dancers and for the little bells that adorn their legs and […]

President Basescu publicly condemns communism

The report of the Presidential Commission for Communism Study was published in the form of a book after its short form was read by President Basescu in front of the Parliament. There, Basescu had to front a loud opposition from the extremist leader Vadim Tudor and several leaders of PSD (Social Democratic, former Communist Party) […]

Cinderella, the story of becoming a princess

We all know the story of Cindarella, a popular fairytale retold by Grimm brothers (also famous for “Snow White”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Hansel and Gretel”) and Charles Perrault (also famous for “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Hop o’ My Thumb”, “Bluebeard”, “Puss in Boots”), but the story never seems to stop capturing the audience. Such was the […]

Carrefour underwear and casual wear collection

Carrefour presented its TEX collection consisting in casual wear and under wear for teenagers and children. The hypermarket launched its own brand that will be sold in its stores, with dresses, shirts, sweaters, jeans and lingerie.

Anticommunist protests in Bucharest, in support of Twitter Revolution in Moldova

The protests against the communist government in power in Moldova arose sympathy in neighbor Romania as well as calls for reunification of the two Romanian states. At least one student was killed in Chisinau in what was called a “twitter revolution” as youngsters used social media to spread their message and gather for protests in […]

Belkin enters Romanian market

Connectivity products leader Belkin announced its entrance on the Romanian market through a press conference and a company presentation by Libor Tosovsky, Contry Manager of Belkin BV.

Fashion presentation by Catalin Botezatu

Catalin Botezatu presented his lingerie, casual wear and haute couture collections during a fashion show in Auchan megastore. Black and red were the dominant colors for the haute couture collection that was first presented at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Catalin Botezatu is the most famous Romanian fashion designer, with presentations allover world.

Autodesk to fight software piracy

Autodesk launched a campaign against software piracy through a press conference attended by Magda Popescu (lawyer), representing Business Software Alliance in Romania, Gabriela Ghita, prosecutor, David Palas, Country Sales Manager of Autodesk for the Czech Republic and South-East Europe and Cristian Dumitrescu, president of A&C International distributor of Autodesk products.

Anti-NATO protests in Bucharest

The April NATO summit in Bucharest caused a bit of a media fuzz when a group of foreign anarchist protesters were brutally attacked by the police before staging a protest. The policemen confiscated some graffiti sprays and injured some of the teenagers. The day after, the anarchists organized a peaceful march to the Forensic Institute […]

Orhan Pamuk, the first Turk to receive a Nobel Prize for Literature

Orhan Pamuk visited Bucharest to meet with his Romanian writers and to promote his novels. Orhan Pamuk is the winner of Nobel Prize for Literature and the best-selling author in Turkey. His books include: My Name is Red, The Museum of Innocence, The New Life, The White Castle, Istanbul, Memories of a City. At the […]

Sound and light show with Sistem in concert

Sistem is a Romanian music band famous for its percussion experiments. In their shows, the members of the band create music sounds with iron barrels, grinders or car wheels. The music is completed with pyrotechnics performances. Their biggest achievement was the participation in the final of Eurovision song contest featuring Luminita Anghel. The members of […]

Guiness World Record Santa Claus Costumes

The world record for the greatest Santa Claus gathering was beaten down by almost four thousand men and women dressed in red and white costumes. Guinness World registered the record as the largest number of people dressed as Santa Claus and offering gifts. The exact number of enlisted participants was 3939 who were present near […]

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