Circus, the favorite entertainment for kids

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

The show at the Globus Circus combined acrobatics, clown numbers and animal training acts in a fairytale-like scenario. The ponies were the first to enter the arena, doing some synchronized tricks, followed by real full size stallions. The Shayer breed horse was trained by French expert Sandrine Le Bris.

The spectacular tigers, trained by Mioara and Adrian, followed looking as quiet as little kittens and jumping through fire circles.
The choreographic numbers are just as spectacular, with Gipsy dances and an elegant acrobatic show which involved difficult elements using scarfs hanging from the dome of the circus. The entire moment created by the ballet ensemble Almas, lead by Alice Visan, is a magical moment.

German trainer’s Jochen Krenzola appearances are a good opportunity for children to enrich their knowledge about animals. The arena is populate by wild geese and ducks, pigeons and parrots, cats and dogs, all guarded by a huge bald eagle, brought for the first time in our country.
The show was directed by Brandusa Novac

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