Former PM Ungureanu leads protests against the Government, defending president from impeachment

Between 5 and 7.000 people gathered in Bucharest in Revolution Square to protest against the attempt by the current socialist government of Romania to overthrow conservative president Traian Băsescu. The protesters held signs reminding the plagiarism scandal in which prime-minister Victor Ponta (social-democrat) was involved and accusing the left wing (social-liberal) coalition in power of […]

The fans of Atletico de Madrid and Athletic Club Bilbao conquered Bucharest for Europa League Final

For one day Bucharest was dressed in red and white as tens of thousands of fans of the two Spanish teams “invaded” the city for the Europa League Final. The locals were more than happy to welcome the massive group of tourists of similar Latin descent, who overcrowded the pubs and narrow streets of the […]

Folk dances and traditional costumes from Transylvania

Not long ago, in the last century, you could positively identify the geographic area of origin of a Romanian by looking at his clothes. The costumes were entirely home-made and it was a matter of great pride to preserve the exact decorations with vegetal, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic motifs. Even today there are several regions of […]

The most spectacular haute-couture haircuts at Wella Fashion Show

By definition, haute couture presentations go over the top with fantasy creations not made to be worn on the street, but to impress on the catwalk. At Wella Fashion Show, the accent was not on dresses, as usual in a presentation, but on haircuts. Some of the wildest hair arrangements could be seen on stage, […]

A fashion show to remember, with exotic dancers, bodypainting and hairstyle demonstrations

Spectators that overfilled the Grand Hall of The National Theater in Bucharest were impressed by a glamorous fashion show in which the make-up and hairstyling trends of the next year were displayed. The Gala lasted an entire day and included various workshops with demonstrations of haircutting and make-up, but also styling competitions with numerous trophies. […]

Sexy dancers gone wild with a tribal dance performance

Cabaret is one of the freest forms of entertainment, in which social norms are challenged for the sake of amusement. It was in bars that offered cabaret performances that French can-can appeared a century ago taking a conservative Europe by storm with the revealing legs of the dancers at a time when mini skirts were […]

French Can-Can costumes in a cabaret show

A colorful spectacle, the cabaret is a tradition in Western towns, where dance performances are held in bars and restaurants. Though regarded as an easy form of entertainment, actually the cabaret shows include musical acts, dance acts like in the music-hall shows on Broadway, theatric performances, sometimes with comedy numbers like those from which the […]

The fabulous Georgian dancers in The Legend of Samaia

In this show, the dancers present a piece of Georgian history and they do it with a sense of pride and carefulness. You can tell that this is more than a simple dance made to entertain. But they definitely stand up to the task of representing their country with grace. The show is a combination […]

Latin dances in dance sport competition

Latin dances are the most energetic styles in a dance competition. They are full of life and rhythm, with quick moves and spectacular pirouettes. Distinguished from the elegant slow dances, these dances are in turn divided into several standardized styles: rumba, cha-cha-cha, samba, paso doble, jive, mambo, samba. Rumba is the slowest of these dances […]

Waltz and other slow dance styles in a ballroom dance competition

In the dance sport competitions the ballroom dances are the most elegant moments, an occasion to exhibit beautiful dresses, severe black suits and manners on a harmonious music. The ballroom dances in international competitions are: waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, slow foxtrot and quickstep. The Viennese waltz opens the wedding party, with the two grooms displaying […]

Casual wear presentation with socialites

Fashionvictim store presented a collection of underwear and casual wear at which attended local designers like Catalin Botezatu, shoe designer Mihai Albu and his wife, Iulia Albu, as well as socialite couple Irinel Columbeanu and Monica Columbeanu. The store presents some famous brands like: CNC Costume National, ICE Iceberg, Dolce & Gabbana, Bikkembergs, Richmond Denim, […]

Romanian poet Nina Cassian, returning home after three decades

Witty and full of life, Nina Cassian met her readers in one of the conference rooms of Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest. “It’s like the visit of the old lady”, said her with humor when entering the room, and later added on a more somber tone: “considering the age, this is more of a farewell visit”. […]

Celebrities in casual wear on the catwalk

TV celebrities and socialites took part at a fashion presentation in Plaza Romania Mall. The presentation included several casual lines, so local celebrities walked on stage with comfortable clothes closer to what they would usually wear when outside of the spotlights. Gina Pistol, Playboy bunny, appeared in a prudent black shirt, while TV anchor Crina […]

Cocktail dresses by Rita Muresan

A collection of evening dresses completed the wedding dresses collection by Rita Muresan. Though the glitter of Swarovski crystals is not absent, dresses have simple lines which makes them suitable for parties and special events. Pure red was the color that stood out in this presentation.

Learning to dance like a star

StreetBeat Dance School is one of the first dance clubs that is organizing workshops in which choreographers and celebrities teach young people different moder dance styles. The guest stars of this edition were Oana Ionita, professional dancer in one of the most popular TV shows in Romania (The Grumpy Chronicle), where she plays one of […]

Street-dance lessons with Richmond Bachia

Richmond Bachia, who did choreography for Dr Alban and Anda Adam, was in Romania for a series of dance lessons and fitness. Richmond Bachia is a Swedish of Kenyan descend who became known after attending in the jury of MTV’s Dance Star. The lessons are a crossover between fitness and dance, so are also a […]

Famous fiddlers singing traditional songs

Fiddlers’ music is part of the cultural heritage of Europe, especially in the East part of the continent where Gipsy singers found their home. Played with traditional instruments such as violins, bass viol, cimbalom (dulcimer), accordion, this music was sang in the pubs in the suburbs or accompanied weddings and other ceremonies. Fiddlers’ music is […]

Luxurious furniture and jewelry presentation

Luxury Show was an opportunity to see various limited edition items, from cars with leather and rare wood interior, unique furniture, yachts and motorcycles. The event included several presentations such as a jewelry presentation. Celebrities were also invited to attend, among them princess Margareta and socialite Irinel and Moni Columbeanu. The jewelries were created by […]

Circus, the favorite entertainment for kids

The show at the Globus Circus combined acrobatics, clown numbers and animal training acts in a fairytale-like scenario. The ponies were the first to enter the arena, doing some synchronized tricks, followed by real full size stallions. The Shayer breed horse was trained by French expert Sandrine Le Bris. The spectacular tigers, trained by Mioara […]

Clowns and toys go together with kids

Kidex is an annual exhibition that puts together noisy children, restless parents and toy manufacturers or specialists in education. But the easiest to spot are always the specialists in entertainment – clowns or face-painters, singers and creators of balloon animals. The parents could take home a new stroller, cribs or an entire wardrobe for the […]

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