Panoramic view over Bicaz Lake

Bicaz Lake is the largest artificial lake in Romania. The Bicaz dam, built in 1960, is 127 m high and the total lake surface is over 3.200 hectares. If you take the National Road DN12C, from Piatra Neamt to Gheorgheni, you will see one of the most spectacular landscapes in Romania. There are three main […]

Various species of animals and dog breeds

Here I will include the pictures of all animals I encounter, from tiny ladybugs and snails to cats, horses and dogs. When possible I’ll try to also name the dog breeds.

The Flower Market

The flower market is one of the nicest places in every town. Even if you are not buying a bunch of flowers for the loved one, you get to admire the vivid colors of the roses, orchids and countless other flower types.

The Botanical Gardens in Bucharest

Though a very relaxing place, the Botanical Gardens of Bucharest are surpassed in some areas by older parks such as Cismigiu Gardens or Herastrau. But in the 17 hectares of this garden there are some interesting areas that provide nice surprises, like the roses garden, the water-lily lake or the little animals that teem around. […]

Lake St Anna, the only volcanic lake in Central Europe, and its pure water

St Anna Lake’s area has a special air purity due to the vast forests surrounding it and the landscape is enchanting at any time. The lake is 30 km away from Baile Tusnad resort, which you can also reach by hiking. Though the region is in the heartland of Romania, this part of Transylvania has […]

Queen Mary’s enchanted domain at Balchik, Bulgaria

Queen Mary loved this magical place so much that she demanded through her testament that her heart should be put to rest here, near the waves of the Black Sea. As Romania was forced to cede this peace of land (known as the Quadrilateral) to Bulgaria, the box containing queen’s heart was moved to Bran […]

The exotic beaches of Paleokastritsa and the charm of Corfu island

If you get to the island of Corfu, in the capital city with the same name, located in its eastern part, it’s worth doing a detour on the coast towards north to reach a lovely place called Paleokastritsa. The place is considered to be one of the most beautiful marine landscapes in the world, and […]

The Romanian Sfinx is a megalith created by nature alone

Seen from one side and from the front, the Sphinx has a striking resemblance with a human head. But no chisel and hammer have touched this block of stone. The amazing shape is all the work of wind, water and the constant frost and defrost. The place where the Sphinx is found, close to the […]

Wild life standing still

Inside the green gardens of Villa Borghese, very close to the zoo garden, the The Zoology Museum in Rome (Museo Civico din Zoologia) presents animals from a scientific point of view. The animals preserved in the museum help scholars and scientists to understand the species they represent and their habitat. An impressive number of 5 […]

Glyfada, the finest beach in Corfu

While nothing can top the landscapes from Paleokastritsa, the Glyfada Beach has to offer a large beach with fine sand and some luxurious hotels with tavernas and swimming pool. The clear Ionian See is suitable for swimming and even diving to the near picturesque rocks. Glyfada is on the western side of the small island, […]

Corfu, the best island of Greece

Though it is not the biggest Greek island, Corfu attracts the western tourists with the green and turquoise waters of the Ionian See, the rocks with vegetation that emerge from the water and the welcoming locals. The island look like a giant residential neighborhood, with villas spread all around on the winding roads that go […]

A Romanian Rushmore on the Danube Gorges honoring the king of Dacians

The narrowest passage of the Danube, the most important river of Europe, creates a fabulous natural landscape. The river breaks through high walls of stone, creating several gorges with luxurious wild vegetation, that also give water a green shade. This is the background against which a record sculpture was carved in ten years. The largest […]

Prehistoric animals and extinct civilizations in the fascinating world of natural science

Natural Sciences Museum Grigore Antipa in Bucharest, found near Victory Plaza, close to the Government building, carries us into many worlds while we learn some about zoology and anthropology. The journey is thousands of years old, starting with reconstructed dinosaur and mammoths skeletons. Though a Natural Sciences museum existed in the National Museum some 150 […]

Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, the Italian coast makes you dream

Overlooking the picturesque island of Capri, this portion of the Mediterranean coast has sunny beaches and marvelous roads winding tightly among lemon orchards and terraces. The small cities are just as spectacular as the landscape on the road that links them. The houses are packed together on the mountain coast, with enough space among them […]

Slopes and mountain resorts close to Bucharest

Valea Prahovei (The Valley of river Prahova) is the most accessible ski resort when coming from Bucharest. You simply take DN1, a good road but crowded during rush hours, towards Brasov through Ploiesti. You will find the most popular Romanian mountain resorts: Azuga, Busteni, Predeal, Sinaia. They are practically united one to another and accommodation […]

Danube Delta, the greatest delta of Europe

One could not find a river to symbolize Europe better than the Danube: it starts from Germany, crossing 10 countries and several capitals like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, to finally poor itself into the Black Sea, forming a delta. On the continent, only the Russian Volga is longer and wider. The Danube Delta is a […]

Safari experience in Villa Borghese

The Biopark, or the Zoo Garden, is a fraction of the vast park called Villa Borghese, the second largest green area o Rome. The zoo garden was established a century ago and a decade ago was reinvented as a natural reservation with as little fences as securely possible. By a clever system of ditches and […]

Mount Pantokrator, the highest point on Corfu Island

Though Mount Pantokrator is rather a hill of 906 m above the sea level, and I am accustomed with higher altitudes, this mountain scared me to death. It starts like any other street in Corfu, where roads encircle the island, never going in a straight line, and although from one point the buildings disappear and […]

Transfagarasan: “The best road in the world” according to BBC’s Top Gear

When BBC filmed one of its Top Gear editions, the crew couldn’t miss Transfagarasan, a spectacular winding road that climbs the Fagaras Mountain, breaks the mountain through a tunnel and ends near a massive dam. While driving an expensive sports car on the road that resembles a Formula 1 race track in a wild landscape, […]

Wild Animals at Baneasa Zoo Garden

Though the area of the zoo garden in Baneasa makes it too small for a modern zoo, it is still one of the last places in the country where children can meet wild animals, which sometimes are not even reluctant to interact with their visitors. The garden used to have elephants and giraffes, but the […]

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