Mountain trip from Râșnoavei Gorges to Three Fir Trees chalet

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

On the national road DN 1, that connects Brașov to capital Bucharest, between the ski resorts Predeal and Azuga, there is a national road, DN 73, that leads to the city of Râșnov, with its famous fortress. The road is well maintained and will take you very close to the gorges fo Râșnov (Cheile Râșnoavei). From the national road to the gorges there are some five kilometers of gravel road. Sometimes it is used for Enduro motocross, but it can also be tackled by regular automobiles with some discomfort. In other days, you might see on that road students of Diana horseback riding school, that is found right in the beginning of the road.
Along the river that looks too small to have broken such stone walls like the gorges, there are several meadows, some of which can also be used for free camping. Several large guesthouses have also been built recently in the area, so finding a room should not be a problem. The rocky walls of few meters high of the gorges are used for several extreme sports like climbing, bungee jumping or rope sliding, usually during the week-ends.
If you don’t have the necessary gear or taste for climbing, you can take a more peaceful walk through the woods. There are some routes you can take, some reaching Timișul de Sus or Poiana Brașov. They all start from the road that goes through the gorges, but you will be glad to leave behind the dusty road for the air of the fir forest.
A simple round up trip you can make in several hours is to Poiana Trei Brazi. From the moment you leave the gravel road and follow the marked path it will take you between one hour, rather two, depending on your athletic shape. It starts with an abrupt climb through the trees, but then gets moderate and offers some peaceful meadows for resting on the way. Poiana Trei Brazi Chalet is a popular destination, accessible by car, equipped with winter sports facilities, restaurants and many private accommodation facilities built around it.
Almost at seeing distance there is another chalet, Poiana Secuilor, and another plateau with panoramic view to Bucegi Mountains. From there, you can take a different descent route, back to Cheile Râșnoavei. The descent starts from the back of the cabin with a steep slope, reaching another forest road in about one hour. That portion of the road might get muddy after rains or melting snow, but it’s all just another walk in the park for another half an hour until the main road that goes to the gorges.

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