Siriu Lake, Buzau, a man-made structure, uncharted on the tourist map

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

Siriu Lake was formed in 1982 as a result of the building the Siriu dam and of Nehoiasu hydro-electric power plant. The dam connects Siriu and Horse’s Bridge mountains.
The area is not yet used for tourism, even though it has a picturesque view over the 11,5 km long lake. It can be admired from the DN10 national road.
There was an attempt to build a resort that would also use the mineral waters that spring from the mountain, but for the moment it failed due to economic reasons.
Another tourist project is Hartagu Camp, on the banks of the lake, from where several hiking routes climb the Siriu Mountain, Vrancea Mountains, Penteleu and Horse’s Bridge. At 1557 m high there is a natural lake formed by glaciers’ meltdown, known as Vultures’ Lake.
In some areas of Buzau Mountains, wild goats still roam.
The nearest established resort is the city of Nehoiu, in the south, from where trips can be made to Monteoru, Rastoaca and Catiasu. Following a forest road of 2 km you can reach the beautiful Pruncea cascade.

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