The breathtaking Durdevica bridge over the Canyon of river Tara, longest canyon in Europe

by Victor Grigore, Webphoto.ro

East of National Park Durmitor, the river Tara creates a splendid canyon, which can be admired by an elegant bridge built right before the second world war, under the Serbian monarchy. The bridge has the aspect of a Roman bridge and a curved line, that allows those who walk or drive over it to admire the fabulous turquoise waters of the river Tara and the green surroundings of the valley.
The canyon created by Tara is the longest canyon in Europe, surpassed only by the arid Grand Canyon of the United States. The river runs for 144 km, flowing into Drina in Bosnia.

The river Tara is used for rafting and in the area are campings and accommodation facilities. The bridge is at 172 meters high from the river, and has a 365 m length. The architect of this arched bridge is Mijat Troianovic and the chief engineer, Isaac Russo. During the war, in order to stop Italian and German troupes, the Serbian partisans used dynamite to blow up the middle of the bridge, that was repaired after the war.

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